Online Feature: Well Done

Rare Breed Motorcycle Club puts a new spin on your image of the Harley brand

Established in 1989 by four police officers and four city workers, Rare Breed is a Southern California-based motorcycle club that prides itself on being a positive organization for African-American riders. “We were trying to start a club that would be looked at as a brotherhood rather than just a motorcycle club,” cofounder K.W. says. “Our thing was to be different, do positive things as far as charities, and create a whole new message out there.”

Since its inception, Rare Breed’s strong outreach effort has been felt in the greater Los Angeles area. The crew has worked hand-in-hand with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Watts Foundation to raise money and provide women with free mammograms. They’ve also organized toy drives and delivered food to sickle cell patients and women and children residing in local shelters. “I’ve seen a lot of impact,” says K.W. “We’ve changed some of our young members that were Crips and Bloods, and through their love of motorcycles, we got them to become productive members of society.”

All this good will doesn’t distract Rare Breed from maintaining an intimidating collection of bikes, though. Their approximately 125-member crew rides a mix of customized, show-caliber and downright clean Harley Davidson Road Kings, Road Glides and Dressers. Their bikes have captured the glamour of Hollywood so well, they’ve been featured in movies such as Biker Boyz and Ice Cube’s video “Every Hood’s the Same.”

Having become one of the most well-respected motorcycle clubs in the Southland, Rare Breed has also been building up their Atlanta chapter, established in 2005. “We had a couple brothers in our club that migrated and moved their families to Atlanta,” recalls K.W. “When they got out there, they came back and asked if they could start a chapter out there, and run it like when they were in California. So we gave them that blessing. They have taken off and are doing a lot of positive things. It’s working out pretty good for us right now.” So much for stereotypes.

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  1. Jay

    I met the guys from Rare Breed L.A. when they were in Atlanta for Round Up. Great people to visit and amazing bikes. I knew a few guys from the ATL chapter and it felt like I knew the LA guys as well as I did the ATL guys.
    Respect to Lanny and K-Dub

    • Mambo

      Mambo from Detroit, man those brothers are doing it right ! Wish that we had a Rare Breed chapter in the D . I’m all about doing the right things and not just saying it but doing it . I know only a selected few down brothers who really fill the same as I do, and not just ride the coldest harleys Detroit has ever seen but to give back something from the heart. I say if we can spend thousands of dollars on making our harleys look and sound good we can buy one of many foreclose houses that Detroit has to offer fix it up and give it away to a real family in need and this my good brothers can all be a write off at the end of the year . Now that’s why I want Rare Breed here .

  2. Mon

    I have a uncle that is a member of the Rare Breed in Los Angeles and I must say this club is a perfect fit for him. Being a man that I looked up to and RESPECTED my whole life I hope that one day I will be able to join him on a ride and one day in the club. Any Club he is in is one I wish to become a member. Big ups to y’all!

  3. Michael

    I just want to say that you brothers are doing it. Keep motivating the younger bros out there to stay positive. I just won a 2010 HD Road Glide Custom, and I’m looking for a good club. Do you know any brothers in Houston Texas? Once again keep up the good work.

  4. Byrd Ball

    I growup watching you guys to see ya in a mag doing it big i tip my hat to ya,I love what you brothas stand for, Much love to all yall.stay safe, and my GOD BLESS you all, from LA to ATL Breed up! we need a chapter up in las vegas nv.i will love to be a part of the set.Ball till GOD call!


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