Equus Opportunity

Hyundai to ship 100 Equus sedans to US

Amidst┬áthe recent success of its new Genesis offerings, something else was abuzz at the Hyundai booth during the recent New York International Auto Show. On a turntable out front, sporting a hood ornament of phantom proportions sat the Equus – the brand’s new stab at a full-size luxury sedan.

With the brand obviously pursuing a new image, the Korean manufacturer will reportedly ship 100 Equus sedans to dealerships across the country, not for sale, but simply to gauge public opinion. We recommend you go take a look, as Hyundai really did it’s homework on this one. But will a Hyundai with an expected $75,000 price tag sell in the US? Time will tell – but something tells us the generous return program might not apply to this one.

  • Evisu Johnston

    If only Hyundai would make a second brand like Toyota made Lexus they would sell these cars..