Beat The Heat

Miami cops take drag racing to the strip to curb street-racing

Those of y’all in Southern Florida know that street racing has been a big safety concern for pedestrians and drivers alike. But local police officers have come up with a way to make city streets safer, through a little friendly rivalry. Various departments have set up a monthly “Beat the Heat” drag night between the five-o and street racers at Miami’s Countyline Dragway. For just $25, you can pit your whip against the police, without risking a ticket or confiscation.

Florida’s “Beat the Heat” program has significantly cut down the amount of drag racing on streets, while also promoting a better relationship between racers and officers. And “Beat the Heat” isn’t just in the Sunshine State. There are police drag racing programs in other areas of the country, including Chattanooga, Tennessee. Just make sure you ain’t ridin’ dirty when you roll up. They’re still the Police.