Royce Tha ’09

Phantom gets facelift for the new model year

By now, hardly anybody’s a stranger to the Rolls Royce Phantom – but that doesn’t mean the King of luxury whips is just going to sit back and relax while others chase its crown. New for 2009, the refreshed Phantom benefits from a new bumper with a shallower stainless steel grille like those on its two-door brethren. Rolls has also added simple touches of luxury like LED lights in the door handles and three new sets of aluminum wheels for customers to choose from. Inside, the already beyond-luxurious cabin gets updates to its entertainment system and redesigned interior door panels. Take a closer look. If you’re one of the lucky ones hollering “What recession?”, there’s never been a better time to splurge.

2 Responses to “Royce Tha ’09”

  1. caige mike

    the whip’s definately banging if your rolling down the streets in one of these you kinda can gest ant chick


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