Dial 911

Alabama drug runner turns Police stunner

Any of y’all who drive through Hoover, Alabama better watch your lead foot. After a traffic stop by the local police, the (former) owner of this Porsche 911 was busted for having 10 kilos of cocaine stashed in two secret compartments – more than enough to justify a permanent seizure. Now after being fitted with a wing, a light bar and new paint scheme, it’s the latest addition to the Hoover PD. 

A spokesman for the department says the car is planned for publicity rounds, to “help kids understand what can happen to them if they go for fast money.” We think you still might want to watch your speed.

  • cocofosho

    this things BAD AZZ!!!

  • bear

    its all about mississippi

    we got cars better than that

  • KGB

    ok u show me a better car and then i’ll believe u mississippi.