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Hertz debuts car-sharing program in NYC, London and Paris

“Going green” ain’t just about hybrids anymore. Looking to expand off their current rental business, Hertz has just launched Connect, their all-new car-sharing service. Connect customer pay an annual fee that allows them to rent vehicles by the hour – similar to the existing Zipcar. Members make reservations online, and then use keycards to open cars that are parked at strategic locations throughout their city. For the debut of the program in the US (NYC), the fleet includes MINI Coopers, Toyota Prius and Camrys, Mazda 3s and Ford Escapes.

While only a NY program right now, Hertz has 40,000 cars available in the Big Apple alone. The goal is to expand to 20 more domestic cities and an equal number of overseas locations next year. And don’t worry if you haven’t been on the roads in a while – each car is equipped with GPS and a Connect system (similar to OnStar) to put you in touch with a live representative if necessary.

Hit up ConnectByHertz for more details. Just try to keep your uses legit- it’s a car, not an hourly motel room!

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