Secrets Unveiled

RIDES drops the top on the new Challenger for SEMA

It’s official- our spot’s been blown! By now, all you internet-savvy types have probably seen the star of our December/January ’09 issue, the convertible Challenger. Over the past eight months, RIDES has been working in conjunction with Florida shop Coach Builders LTD, to build what Dodge says they won’t; a fully-functional drop-top version of their latest street soldier.Regarded by many as the industry leader in “airing-out” hard tops, Coach Builders carefully planned out their approach to the Challenger, assuring the build would be much more than just a hack-job. Reinforced to the nth degree, the car maintains the structural rigidity to hit the track, while keeping iconic throwback elements, such as the rear quarter window – which now detracts when the top is let back.After its big operation, Coach Builders went to work, decking out the car in true RIDES style. Dipped in Dodge’s signature shade of Snakeskin Green (ala the Viper), the Challenger now sits pretty, courtesy of KW Variant 1 coil-overs and 22” Foose Challenger wheels.While the car doesn’t make its official debut until SEMA, we’ve caught word that (lackluster) photos are all over the web. But keep a close watch of your local newsstand – a full feature, in proper, professional treatment is set to drop any day. Until then, here’s a few more teasers to wet your appetite. You may have first seen it elsewhere, but we promise to bring it to you right!

12 Responses to “Secrets Unveiled”

  1. Lee

    My best friend designed the look of the car. So big props goes out to Lee Martin of Coach Builders

  2. Josh

    My brother, Lee Martin, supervised this build. Coachbuilders did a magnificent job in creating this unique showcar.

    • Timm

      So can you ask Lee what these boys are doing for the 2009 SEMA Show or are they just a one hit wonder? A crew with that hot of a car should not just fade away into the night.

    • TSmith

      that challenger convertible looks smokin, but can Lee tell us what the boys at Coach Builders Limitied are building with SEMA right around the corner or are they a one hit wonder?

  3. Tim

    So you hear what coach is doing for an encore for the 2009 SEMA Show? Word in town where the Coach boys have lunch is they are working their mojo with a designer from Central NY that has some special code name for pumped up R/T that’s been chopped.

    I plan to go by and see if Lee and the boys will let me take a look see!

  4. Terry

    Great car but it has been a year now with SEMA around the corner again, will your buddy Lee tell if they have something coming or were they a one hit wonder at Coach Builders Limited with the dodge challenger?


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