RIDES Hyundai Genesis

Wi-Fi on the Go - For Making Moves on the Move.

The RIDES Digital Genesis is a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot capable of supporting 50 simultaneous users.  The car has three Mac computers (including a MacBook Air and two Mac minis), an iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Farenheit DVD player, Genesis amps, Morel Hybrid Ovation speakers and two 12” subs. Backseat passengers cruise in style in suede-upholstered seats with a control console to activate the car’s electronics. Staying connected is easy thanks to Apple wireless keyboards perched on flip-down tray tables with 8.4-inch VGA headrest monitors for each passenger. As if that’s not enough, there’s a 20” Apple Cinema Display in the trunk for web surfing, to access your iTunes account and impromptu parking lot meetings.

Not to be outdone by all the gadgetry on the inside, the RIDES Digital Genesis sports 22″ MHT three-piece wheels, Pirelli tires, lowered suspension, custom quad-tip exhaust, smoked taillights, an Extreme Dimensions body kit, fiberglass work and one-of-a-kind metallic silver and blue Sherwin-Williams paint.

The RIDES Digital Genesis is guaranteed to make the party jump off wherever it goes.  To get you in the mood, we’re offering five free iTunes downloads of tracks from T-Pain’s new album (in stores 11/11) and the Nappy Boy family.  These tracks have as much style and flavor of the car.

To get your five free iTunes downloads, click here.

Photos of the RIDES Genesis have been tossed around the web like a hot potato so we figured we’d hit you up with exclusive pics before the official unveiling at SEMA.

For the full Digital Genesis microsite with more information about the car, click here.

29 Responses to “RIDES Hyundai Genesis”

  1. Lindsey

    Props go out on the Hyundai Genesis Body Work to Scott Dorie, Jack Dickerson and Bill Dickson over at Shore Collision Body Shop,Neptune NJ. I saw the work being done at the Body Shop and I have to say this is a Highly Skilled Crew. Great Job Guys!!!

  2. KIM

    this vehicle is incredible!!!! Painted at Shore Collision & Paint. The Paint job is as beautiful as the intere.

  3. antoine

    subtile classiness! im glad it wasnt over done with flames & striping..the car looks great, its like the hyndai maybach (to a certain extent)

  4. pippo

    The car seems a copy and past of a BMW, but with less style, and the Apple inside is very “pacchiano” as the real stylist say. you can put a CB too, and you complete the work…

  5. Stan Jones

    Good job RIDES, but this is the only case I would take a hyundai over a lex. I mean, seriously, hyundai themselves were so embarrassed to rock the flying H on the Genesis’ grille.

  6. Richard Bush

    Great job RIDES!!!
    And to Stan Jones let me say that my family owns 7 Hyundais and they have all been great vehicles including my 08 Veracruz. None of them have had any runability or quality issues. As for the flying H I don’t think that Hyundai skipped it on the front of this vehicle due to shame. I know that Hyundai as a company is very proud of all the vehiles in their line up. To borrow an old cliche don’t knock it til you try it. Also I think that you should notice the flying H logo on the back for all to see as this beautiful Genesis passes by them.

  7. lakeshia

    I just wanna know when this is gonna be out cuz I’ve been searching for my first car and I love this…. can’t get no better than this…

  8. Alex

    OZZY your comment made sense. . . . maybe 20 years ago. Hyundai has come a long way and produces some amazing cars. The Genesis is an incredible machine and I can’t wait to drive one. Great job!!!

  9. Resor

    really appreciated the post you published actually. it just isn’t that simple to find great posts to read (you know.. really READ and not simply browsing through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers man for really not wasting my time! :p

  10. resor thailand

    keep up the good work on the site. Do like it! :p Could use some more frequent updates, but i’m sure that you got some more or better stuff to do like we all have to do unfortunately. 🙂

    • I did the front bumper/ rear bumper / n rocker moldings! I know the shop that did the Interior.

      The int. Is suede n leather . Even the headliner n dash


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