Junk Bond

007 Fan scoops up wrecked Aston Martin

A while back we brought you news of an ungodly event- the accidental submerging of an Aston Martin DBS on the site of the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Though written off, it turns out the studio won’t be losing much because of the wreck. An unnamed 007 fan (err, fanatic) recently bought the waterlogged car for $350,000 – about $120,000 more than what a brand new DBS costs at the dealer. Let’s just say the news has left us shaken, not stirred. Come on, haven’t you been watching? Bond jokes are supposed to be corny!

  • antoine

    dumbass…thats what u do when u got too much money to spend, u buy a wrecked car 100G’s over retail during a recession!

  • J Horton 3

    the question is did it or did it not have all the q-gadgets in place or not? Because you all know he can wait till resell this thing while the movie is in the theaters at a premium because it is an actual “bond” car. So we will see when this car rolls across the carpet at barrett-jackson for several million. Oh yeah i forgot we ARE in a rescession. No more inflated real estate bucks to throw around, man 2005 will live forever in our hearts!