CTS Coupe caught testing with minimal clothing

Thanks to KGP Photography and Autoblog, the upcoming Cadillac CTS Coupe is starting to take shape. These pictures reveal that the overall shape of the CTS will largely mimic the concept car, though small details have been changed for production purposes. The mesh vents that surrounded the center exhaust tips on the concept have been replaced with red reflectors, and the license plate housing has been understandably reshaped to accept plates from the U.S. or Europe and is now topped by a bigger strip of chrome. Also, a true B-pillar stands where the concept had nothing but glass. Still, the car is thankfully quite close to the concept revealed in Detroit, and should make a welcome addition to the Caddy lineup.

  • ape

    FINALLY A REAL PEEK. this cts coupe will be the sickest addition to the caddy line up since the XLR. a coupe deville of sorts. i cant wait. id spend 70 on that way before i spent 60 on a challenger.

  • sha money

    Nice car,but would be better if rear windows go down

  • antoine

    nice car but they shouldve kept the vents on the side and i also agree with sha money..its 09 so we need some more futuristic rides…bluetooth in the car aint the future no more!