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Got rhymes more dope than Pusha T of The Clipse? Prove it here and win

Don’t let its name fool you. There’s no question Ferrari’s new open-top offering will be a coast-to-coast favorite. To get a hint at how this next Italian stallion will be burning up Hip-Hop, we re-upped our Check The Rhyme section with Pusha T of The Clipse. Pick up a copy of RIDES September 2008 for some of Pusha’s takes on this convertible supercar. Then, if you’re feelin’ ambitious, comment below and finish the following line with a rhyme of your own:“Riding through the streets in the Ferrari California…” RIDES and Pusha will choose the best submission and award its author a copy of the new Re-Up Gang CD.Note: If it is your first time commenting, please allow up to 24 hours for your submission to clear our spam filter. There is no need to repost, and subsequent comments should appear instantly. Enter as many times as you’d like. Overtly offensive or derogatory entries will be excluded at the discretion of Contest end will be posted online, one week before submission deadlines.

14 Responses to “Check The Rhyme”


    1.Riding in the streets in the FERRARI CALIPHONIA’
    2.I am sure to put your MASERATI AT PNEUMONIA
    3.Hit the switch,OPEN-TOP,all the people SCOPIN’- HOW
    4.It stands out like a POLKA-DOT,you never seen a COLDER-DROP?
    5.CLEAR TINT,REAR KIT,speeddd make my YEAR QUICK
    7.KID-RIDE CANDY,you can tell the GUY’S-RICH
    8.I don’t need no OS-TRICH,& I don’t need no NOS-SWITCH(zoom!)
    9.DOORS FULLA TRICKS,ain’t no 4S ON THA HIPS,but i’m..
    11.this PURPLE got me SWERVING off a TASTE- OF THE GOOD
    12.the engine in the trunk, ‘outer SPACE”- in my hood
    13.Make it RAIN in a LANE,keep my SWAG-TOY-CUTE
    15…..and yea ain’t gotta ask ya HOMMIE BOUT A’ STAR
    16.cause I am JDUB w/ a PONY ON MY CAR(yeah)

    I DO THIS.


  2. Yoop Diz

    Ridin wit my california drop top down,
    cruising through the hood bumpin gangsta sounds.
    Pusha T bout to jump all up in the ride,
    Now we bout to pull a fully auto homicide.

  3. austin aka streets

    riding through the streets in the ferrari california dreaming/ top back hoochies screaming/life of a gangster on the run/call me the spyhunter the way i creep on yah/460 horses with a v8/got nig*** definitely gonna hate/ say californ-i-a but i stay in the flo-ride-a/stunt on any one who has a soul/make them hate like their name is tom/ foolery by no means no need to be dissing/ it’s just a hard top convertible/ not the roof missing/ new to the game/ where’s the title let me sign my name/ got the laundalet and still aint broke/ dont even got to front look at my garage and it aint no joke

  4. macc boon

    ridin through tha streetz in a ferrari california.
    tha copz waz on my cock when they seen me dippin cornaz
    they say a guy like me shouldnt be ridin this fresh and kosher.
    but gettin money and fly whipz iz just a part of our culture.
    when i hit tha streetz in this,man it be poppin off
    wit that top blown off like lil kim sucked it off!

    holla at ya boy!!

  5. Josh

    Riding through the streets in the Ferrari California/The paint job tropical like it came from an Alchornea/26 inches got me higher than a skyscraper/with gator skin guts brah you know I’m gettin paper/High def in the dash, xbox in the wheel/14 speakers are bangin, my ears will never heal/ Rollin on some asantis with 4 inch lips/Im tryna get a record deal from this homie from Clipse/ Not just another car it’s wants to be heard/ go through 1st and 2nd fast then i shove it in 3rd/ On my to the top the mount everest of money/ You think i dont have heart well youz a mafuckin dummy/

  6. los

    riding in the streets in a ferrari california shorty looks so bad that she can be a proformer
    my eyes on her but im ducking from the police
    met up with pusha T and we got some more freaks
    headed to the telly and we put them on tv

  7. $Tedo$ (Da Best Out)

    Ridin through the streets in a Ferrari California
    Cops Was on my a** but i lost’em round the corna
    Pusha-T hit me up like wats da bizness
    Told’em i jus re-ed up im tryna make a killin
    Now im jus chillin wit da Re-Up Gang
    I done spent two keys on a goddamn chain…$TEDO$

  8. $Tedo$ (Da Best Out)

    Ridin through the streets in a ferrari california
    me and pusha t jus blew a pound of Marijuana
    holla’d at da reup gang and said its time to reup mane,sold a key in one day,dats livivng in da fastlane,Tedo and im no im not one of the jacksons
    sittin n my ferrari california jus relaxin,Pusha countin stacks and now we blowin back again,sippin on dat yac again,tell lil momma bring a friend

  9. $Tedo$ (Da Best Out)

    Ridin thru da streets in a ferrari california Mossberg ridin shotgun i then warned ya
    countin a 100 stacks, smokin anthrax
    My whip supa clean like i cleaned it wit ajax
    i will not lose no way no how
    Bit if i ever do im pretty sure it wont b now
    i jus look at my child,like we gotta eat
    $Tedo$ da new champ and cant be beat
    U wish u could roll around in a car like this
    Admit it u neva seen a young star like this….$TEDO$

  10. $Tedo$ (Da Best Out)

    Ridin thru da streets in my ferrari california
    I run wit real beasts like the Chronicles of Narnia
    All about money like dem Re-Up boyz
    Learn from my swag, im da G’d up boy
    Chicks like me but they love me when im in dat new ferrari
    Dats yo fiancee,oops im sorry
    Im wats up , u played out like an atari
    Da way they crowd around my car,its like we havin a party…$TEDO$ Da Best Out holla atcha boy ChiTown PrinceTown All Day Who Hotta Dan Me????????????????????

  11. iceberg shug

    ridin’ through the streets in the Ferrari California / fendi scarf round my neck got me lookin like a foreigner /FOREIGNER , shawtey wanna know what love is / the ferrari wesside makes the lamb look slug – gish….

  12. darian bowman

    bitches come a dime a dozen a keep dem bitches buzzin i pulled ur girlfriend and her friend and her cuzin dats jus da way i do it cuz ima mac daddy and wen i do my dougie mix wit dat rag daddy. im fda doudie king bitch im da dougie pro and wen i get wit do da dougie on u probes .

  13. macharo

    crushin competion in my ferrari california

    i’m deadly when it comes to the f.c. i tried 2
    warn ya

    women offerin up the hips when they see my whips

    mite as well own a fly casino the way i stack
    my chips

    no tint look at my face, i’m fishbowlin’

    pigs pullin me over cuz they swear that it’s stolen

    i’m kinda like pac, picture me rollin’

    wit pockets so fat people swear my legs are swollen

    as if i needed more reason to brag

    the baby blue ferrari only increases the swag

    i’m not hard to find i’m online pull my cd up

    its my next hustle that’s why it’s called the re-up

    engine where my trunk is, got ’em changing places

    keep a fresh pair of twins, got ’em changing faces

    i’m like a distribution company, i move major

    i’m usually fast like ferrari, but sorry i made
    ya’ wait.


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