Would You or Wouldn’t You?

Saddam Hussein's Rolls Royce to hit auction block

If wearing one of them knockoff army shirts ain’t enough to satisfy your militant vibe, here’s a chance for you to really get your dictator on. Saddam Hussein’s Rolls Royce Corniche will soon be auctioned off to the highest bidder in Surrey, England. Auction officials have stated that the car’s stereo system, reportedly captured along with Saddam’s palace, will be replaced before delivery. There is no word on whether the trunk has been checked for WMD.

So, on one hand you have a pristine Double-R, with more character than the Phantom. On the other, a symbol of a bloody, maniacal tyrant. Would you push it?

  • Evo

    I definitely would; throw some 24″ Asantis on and an American Flag mural.

  • Lit

    TO the wheels fall off,Can u throw in the gold a-k47,cmon work with me.

  • i would definatly push the rolls, i’d put 22″s on it and a plate that says “war head”

  • Nick (2xi)

    Hell yeah I would push that rolls. I’d throw some dueces on it and two american flags like and ambassador would. Also have “DEATH to TYRANTS” in gold leafing across the trunk.