Seventh Heaven

Press photos of 2009 BMW 7-Series leaked onto Internet

There’s no telling whether what you’re about to see is an intentional leak or a breach of security. Either way, here’s how the next generation of BMW’s flagship sedan will look. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Your thoughts? Seems to us that the future’s looking pretty bright!

  • s.Brooks


  • K

    …and hey, look, the BMW leak just gave Google free promotional photos. 😉

  • BMW745i

    HORRIBLE!! there making it look like the 5 series bmw, b/s they need to keep this car an eye catcher like the current 7. First the 1 series then this bmw better remember that we expect sheer luxury and power, and domthing different.

  • Me

    Looks too much like the Lexus LS. Especially at the back end. I’m very disappointed.

  • BIG OE

    EWW!! looks 2 much lik a 5 series mixed With a Lexus or Avalon.. i give the Interior a pass but i dont no bout thE doesnt have tha same Pop tht the recent 7 series Has…

  • all i really need to know is when is it droppin ?…..i’m lovin the interior just let me know when is it droppin because i’m coppin !