Eight Milli

Maybach's Exelero concept up for sale

We all know by now that the price of exclusivity is not small- especially in the automotive world. So is it really any surprise to hear that the one-of-a-kind Maybach Exelero coupe is up for sale with a sticker price of $7.8 million USD? Granted, the seven-figure price-tag does buy some decent power. Based on the Maybach 57 and powered by a 700-horsepower version of that car’s turbocharged V12, the Exelero is capable of speeds above 200 mph, having specifically hit 218 at Nardo. Plus, there’s the fact that you’ll never, ever see another one on the road. Take that Veyron owners!

3 Responses to “Eight Milli”

  1. johnnny

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    gotdamn!!!…ur doe got 2 b super long 2 even think of coppin dat shit…multi billionaire status!!!


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