Bang Bus

Mobile brothel busted in Miami

If y’all thought the idea of a weekend in South Beach with a party bus for transportation couldn’t get any better, you apparently never called up Christine Morteh. When Morteh decided to start a party bus business, she offered open bar for $40, stops all along South Beach, along with girls in G-strings, lap dances, and for $100, oral sex. And despite Bill Clinton’s definitions, that’s still considered prostitution – even in Miami. Undercover detectives in the 305 caught word of the operation, took a ride, and then shut down the party. In addition to Morteh, 75 employees and customers were arrested. Sorry to blow up your spot Christine – but come on, don’t tell us you didn’t see it coming!

Source: Autoblog

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  1. avee

    gettin head shouldnt be a crime! lol how bout police do some real cop work…. murder rate is high as hell and ya worrying about this


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