SEeing Clearer

Dodge's base-model Challenger to sell for cheaper than expected

In April, reported that a top Chrysler executive had leaked to The Detroit Free Press that Dodge’s 2009 Challenger SE would start at $23,995. Not terrible for the 250 Hp/250 lb. ft. version of their latest musclecar, but today brings even better news, right from the source. Dodge has officially announced that the base model Challenger SE will start at just $21,995, which includes $675 for destination charges.Still haven’t spent that stimulus check? You might want to go drop down a deposit. The SE version will be available this Fall, and dealers are taking orders now.

One Response to “SEeing Clearer”

  1. Charles

    This is a great leak if its true.
    1)An executive who understandsthe following.Gas trying to reach insane dollars.
    2) Autos are not selling like hot cakes.
    3) Oversea market will come up with exciting models and pass the US market again.
    4)Babie boomers would’nt mind a taste of the pass at a cool price.
    5) makes just good sense.


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