Former employee files lawsuit alleging racial, sexual harassment

We all know the stereotypes that go along with being a NASCAR fan. And while a little bit of it may be grounded in truth and tradition, it’s ridiculous to think that the sport is based on those associated morals. Unfortunately, it looks like the organization may have a steeper uphill battle than before in beating that rep.Mauricia Grant, a former NASCAR official, is accusing her ex-employers of racial and sexual harassment in a $250 million lawsuit filed today. Grant alleges she was fired last November for complaining about the way in which she was treated on the job, which included being called racially charged names and even having certain male body parts being exposed in her presence. Grant also states that when she complained about her treatment, she was told to “deal with it” because she worked with a lot of “military men”.Hopefully Grant’s lawsuit will weed out any bad apples that might be sitting around in an ever-growing motorsport, which really doesn’t deserve some of the flak it catches.Source: Autoblog

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