Caption This

Nah, it ain't a photoshop either.

We can’t make it any easier than this!

  • Cavonta Davis

    Headie Murphy’s new trailer hopes to pull em in to the box office by the carloads.

  • Moiz Dossajee

    I always knew his head wasn’t screwed on right

  • Stan Jones

    Eddie Murphy gets plenty of head to promote new movie!

  • Everyone know that in Hollywood to get a head in the game, you gotta give head to the game, way to go Eddie!!!!!

  • Osiris

    “Who knows more about giving head than me….Well maybe Johny Gil”…?

    E. Murphy

  • chris hodge

    “Eddie i want half Eddie!! Half Eddie!”

  • brand new

    I seen headie murphy, headed south on the 405.