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UK Subaru dealer tries out some naked marketing

Regardless of whether it gets a good or bad reaction, nothing stops traffic quicker than a disrobed body.┬áStan Palmer Sales of Carlisle, a Subaru dealership in the U.K., decided to see if the same principle applied to a car. To promote the Outback’s new diesel boxer engine, the first such engine in the world, the dealer took an brochure image, snapped a picture with an eight megapixel camera, and blew it up to plaster onto the full-sized car.Surprisingly the whole project only took one day- and so far the reactions from the public have been amazing. The car has even caused passer-bys to trip while looking at it. All in all, it’s some truly cost-effective advertising. And who knows, maybe we’ll see something similar on one of your rides soon. We know it has you Donk boys thinking!

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