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Lamborghini to bring you more bull.

Unbeknownst to many, Lamborghini’s recent push of success has much to do with German automaker Audi. Shared components have aided in building cars like the Gallardo and Murcielago – but the interbreeding may soon be curtailed. According to Audi president Stephan Winkelmann, the limit for cross pollination of the two brands is 20-percent. “In the future, we will always work together just on the hidden parts – parts that will not touch the DNA of Lamborghini,” Winkelmann told Autocar. The announcement by Winkelmann is an attempt to end criticism that the Gallardo shares too many components with the Audi R8 and that the majority of parts sharing will include unseen components such as electrical, plumbing and other, smaller pieces. “We have a quality benchmark with Audi,” Winkelmann said, “[Lamborghini] gets the best and fastest, and Audi gets us the cheapest.