Ecstasy Exposed

The Mona Lisa mystery behind RR's hood ornament

Ever wonder if the famous woman sitting atop the hood of a Rolls Royce was modeled after anyone? Hollywood will soon bring that answer to the masses – but here’s the story without paying ten bucks. Called the Spirit of Ecstasy or The Whisperer, the emblem was born out of a love affair between Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and his secretary Eleanor Thornton. Although a potential national scandal of the time, the symbol that influenced future Rolls Royce emblems will live on through a new film starring Christian Bale, called The Silver Ghost. And even though y’all already know the truth, it might be worth checking out anyway. The ladies dig these period flicks, fellas!Source: Luxist 

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    To ladys or gentlemen,

    How do you go about putting in a car in your magazine. I would like you show you a shoready car. Jaime


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