BMW M1 Spied?

Real or fake? You decide

According to, the above photo was snapped in an airplane hangar in Spain, and shows a BMW coupe like none we’ve ever seen. Of course, like most internet news, its authenticity is being heavily scrutinized. With BMW having introduced the M1 Hommage Concept at last week’s Concorso d’Eleganza, there’s a slight chance this could be a preproduction version, ready to be fast-tracked. Or, it could just be really good computer trickery. Let’s hope for the former.Source: Autoblog

7 Responses to “BMW M1 Spied?”

  1. aztek

    this is clever computer stuff
    its not real tho
    the reflection is too bright for the rest of the darknees in that space

    clever guy tho

  2. JROHL

    apparently this is what the new M1 looks like…


  3. fcp1

    i agree, it is fake.
    the creator of this photo did do some good computer cover up of the real car there, especially the fact that the window glare is perfectly aligned, however multiple parts of this photo have obviously been doctored, for example, the rear of the car is a bit to much blurred than the remaining background.

    but i do give credit to the guy because from first looks, it looks quite real

  4. Emanuel

    The guy/girl who did that pic should be offered a job att BMW. Great looking, better then the other m1 pics that were linked in the comments.


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