Flashing Lights

Six cities busted for shortening yellow phase of traffic signals

We all know that yellow does not in fact mean ‘speed up’ – but have you ever thought you could reasonably make your way through a yellow light only to have it immediately turn red on you? Your first reaction might be “oops”, but the choice words are probably a bit more adult when your ticket arrives in the mail. Does that light have it out for you? Actually, it just might. 

Six cities have recently been busted for having yellow lights that lasted less than the minimum timing at an intersection. And millions of dollars in fines have been collected when drivers went through these premature lights. Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Springfield, Missouri; Lubbock, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Union City, California all cut the timing on their lights, and though some have paid back the fines, others have not. In Dallas alone, over $700,000 was collected in a matter of eight months, and in Tennessee the light timing was changed at only a few intersections, which happen to be the areas that local law enforcement set up traps.

The trap aspect is bad enough, but this type of tampering could actually cause more accidents. If you live in a guilty city, you might want to fight that ticket a little harder, homie!