Rally For A Cause

Fireball Run goes transcontinental for missing kids

Since the┬ámainstream found out about road-races like Gumball 3000 and Bull Run, the copycats have been everywhere. But the Fireball Run has joined the bandwagon with truly charitable intentions. The rally consists of 100 teams who set off from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Grand Rapids, Michigan, each assigned a different missing child by the Child Rescue Network. During the high-speed excursion, teams must draw as much attention as possible to their missing child by speaking with the communities and distributing as many posters as they can along the 3500 mile voyage. In its inaugural 2007 run, the rally remarkably helped track down 12 missing children. Fireball Run 2, Back to the Track, will run from September 25th – October 4th and will have an 1980s themed auto rally. Entry costs $6800 per vehicle