Once You Go Black…

Land Rover drops a second LRX in Geneva

Land Rover wastes no time reminding us that their new LRX is only a concept – but the fact that they’ve debuted another rendition of the crossover/coupe is enough to keep us holding our breath. This new blacked-out version is meant to showcase the vehicle’s versatility and options for personalization.  Adding to its already streamlined shape, the Geneva LRX features a silver roof, with side rails and a removable carbon-composite panel. Numerous aluminum trim pieces contrast the shadowy vehicle nicely, adding just the right amount of shine to its stealth. Interior pictures have yet to be released, but we hear the cabin has a delicious peanut butter cup flavor to it. Land Rover plans to closely monitor public reaction to the LRX at the Geneva show, then determine the fate of the concept’s future. Let’s hope the Europeans are digging it as much as we are!   Source: Land Rover 

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