Police break up professional bootleg-car ring

Knockoff Louis and Prada gear is getting better all the time – so why stop your passion for phony flashin’ on apparel? Italian authorities recently broke up a professional counterfeiting ring, where the end product was not bags or sunglasses – but Ferraris. Yep, full-size, running sports cars. Police disbanded the 15 member group for assembling very convincing replicas, then selling to car enthusiasts (most of whom were well aware of the operation) for a fraction of the cost of similar authentics. The fakes were produced through a combination of various car parts, as well as a few authentic Ferrari components – all brought together by what police described as “very able” mechanics. Sold for roughly $30,000 USD, the cars may be the most expensive bootlegs you’ve ever heard of, but still come in at only about 1/10th the price of the real thing.  Source: MSNBC.com