Stop Droppin’

Lexus gets ICEy with British RX

Falling screens will earn you points at a show, but on the road it’s just one more thing that can break. With that in mind, Lexus developed this sleek new entertainment option for their (Euro Only) RX. Slim, seat-mounted 8″ screens hug the back of each front seat, providing rear passengers with two separate places to view their favorite DVD. Each screen is also equipped with its own RCA inputs, USB ports and SD card slots. Cleverly named ICE, an acronym for In Car Entertainment, (Ahem… a certain car magazine of Ill proportions has been using this for a minute) the system doesn’t come cheap – it sells as an option for the equivalent of $4,300 USD. For the time being, ICE is only available in the UK – but we fully expect to see the pond frozen over, and this cool new option to cross over soon. Source: Autoblog