Manny-up and Bid

Boston's slugger donates '67 Continental to charity via ebay

Looking to drop- the top in classic style this summer? Head on over to ebay, where Boston Red Sox’ Manny Ramirez has put his 1967 Lincoln Continental on the block. The blue convertible comes outfitted with suicide doors, a 500-cubic-inch Ford Racing powerplant, an engine bay you could eat out of, reupholstered interior, and custom wheels. To top it off, the stunning drop-top has only 72 miles on the odometer post-rebuild, and rides smooth like butter with a custom air-ride suspension.Bidding started at a mere $30,000 but is already over $70,000. Proceeds will go to Boston’s Franciscan Children’s Hospital. Come on, don’t be cheap- it’s for the kids!