Ice Man Cometh

Arnett out, Kilmer in as voice of new KITT

With the new Knight Rider TV Movie set to debut on February 17th, you’d think it would be a little late in the game for casting changes – lucky for NBC, only the virtual personality needed to be switched out. Will Arnett, of Arrested Development and 30 Rock fame, was forced to back out of his role as KITT when producers learned he had done voiceover work for GMC. With Knight’s new whip being a Ford Mustang, the idea of a past General Motors voice in the picture didn’t sit too well with investors. His replacement? The one and only Val Kilmer. Not to knock the choice, but it would be nice to know why the film’s creators couldn’t sign the original voice of KITT – William Daniels. Could it really be a step down from Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World?Source: Autoblog