Dive ‘N Drive

Rinspeed unveils sQuba Concept

All y’all true James Bond fans out there remember the underwater Lotus from 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me – but did you ever think you’d see it for real? Swiss design firm Rinspeed, known for their off-the-wall projects, has released pictures and details of their sQuba submersible convertible – yeah, convertible. Get your wet suit ready! Shockingly, the sQuba is an all-electric vehicle, powered by 3 motors – one for driving, and two for underwater antics. Seabob jet drives breath water through the car’s fenders, which allow it to maneuver  under the sea. Rinspeed’s biggest reasoning for going with a drop-top was safety, allowing occupants to ditch the subcompact submarine in case things go bad – which, if you’re the secret agent type that needs a vehicle like this, is probably quite likely. Just make sure you have a back-up to the on-board breathing system.  Source: Autoblog