Cadillac debuts CTS-V at Detroit

Cadillac’s fun-sized CTS has always been a decent looking car, but it’s performance has left a bit to be desired. That’s all about to be brushed under the automotive carpet with the unveiling of its latest trim level, the CTS-V. Looking hopped up on HGH, the new super-caddy comes equipped with a sportier, muscular exterior- but the real news is more than skin deep. Under the hood is a monstrous supercharged V8 that pumps out a whopping 550 HP and 550 lb-ft of torque. Massive Brembo brakes, a magnetic ride suspension and choice of manual or automatic add to the driving experience, while inside, plush 14-way power Recaros wrap the driver and passenger in style. Love the Corvette but have to take your clan of shorties too many places? This may be the perfect answer.

And the Cadillac (CTS specifically) news from the show ain’t over! Stay tuned for more soon.

  • vperl

    Got a 09 CTS-V 3200 miles on it….

    It is as advertised…. MB, Bimmers, and Audi’s all look fine in my rear view….. and are they pissed. Stock, right off the production line, no mods.

    They have to get a big tube of superglue to put their doors back on….