Road Test

Couple offers odd explanation for lewd situation

Most of y’all have been there before- just as you’re about to get your “grown” man on down some dark sidestreet, the cops tap your window – suddenly they ain’t the only boys in blue. Since no excuse is gonna get you off the hook, you might as well get creative, right? A couple from The Hague, Netherlands recently took that mentality to a whole new level. When confronted by officers suspicious of their steamed up, rocking car, the nude couple explained that they were researching the effects of 58 erection pills. We’re not sure if ’58’ might be an overseas brand, but it’s more fun to imagine a long (no pun intended) clinical trial.

As comical as the excuse sounds, it’s almost believable when you find out the tester was 53 and his female research assistant only 19. Ok, not really- but we sure can’t hate on dude’s game!

Source: Jalopnik