Hummer HX Concept

Back to the future at Detroit

Don’t rush out to dealerships with your deposit just yet- though stunning, the HX is still just a concept vehicle. But perhaps with a little luck, Hummer will realize they might be on to something. We want to know what you think- is it a step in the right direction or too far from the super-truck’s utilitarian look and feel?

Source: Autoblog

  • nate

    yes it is hummers have always been sweet and big on the road and this one right here is just taking ova

  • gee wizz

    The truck is hot, it is what is need. A change is needed.

  • Big B

    This is the best looking Hummer since the Humvee. I hope that GM will look at building this concept vehicle for production without taking away from the concept to much. This could become the ultimate mud/rock crawling vehicle.

  • It looks like a CRAZY SICK toyota FJ…

    i like it!

  • Ryan

    this thing is f****n sick! I want one now!