Government Theft Auto

California Senator jacked for his 22's

It’s a sad fact of life, but carjackings in Cali hardly make the news anymore. However, this next one’s a little different than most. Don Perata, a Democratic Senator from Oakland was driving his Senate-owned 2006 Dodge Charger, sittin on 22-inch chrome and drippin Candy Apple Red when he was stopped by a man with a gun. The senator gave up the car without struggle, and although shaken, apparently used the incident as a platform to further his stance on gun control.

We had no idea senators were rollin’ big like that- and apparently neither did police on the scene. When hearing the description of the missing car, one of the officers on scene was quoted as saying “We’re talking about the suspect’s car or the senator’s car?” The Charger was found at a nearby mall, some 9 hours later- with the rims still on. Perhaps the jacker found out who he was messin with?

After stating that the flashy whip was “immaterial” to him, Senator Perata joked “At least it was found in my district.”

Source: Autoblog