Courage Under Fire

Transport carrier tips in NJ port, damages over 300 BMWs

If you’ve been waiting delivery on a new BMW, we may have some bad news for you. The oceanic carrier M/V Courage tipped at port in Jersey City on Friday causing damage to over 370 BMWs on board. The ship was delivering new 3-series and 1-series vehicles, including new M3s. Roughly 70 of the damaged cars are reported to be total losses with others sustaining major damage. Even more disappointing, the M3s were reported to have bared the brunt of the damage. Now don’t you scavengers out there start drooling – the extensively damaged cars will be crushed, while those with minor damage will undergo repair at a receiving facility in Elizabeth, NJ, and will proceed onto dealers. (Get a CarFax report!)

This is a particularly hard hit for M3 fans who have already endured long waits for the latest V8 coupe version. Please, mother nature – don’t rock the boat again!

Source: Autoblog