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1904 Model Sets records on auction block

If you thought you’d never stack enough paper for your own Phantom, at least you can feel better that you ain’t into crank-starts. In news that doesn’t really matter to you or me, the world’s oldest Rolls Royce- a 1904 to be exact, just sold at auction for a record-breaking $7,275,000. The buyer, a private British collector paid more than twice than what was estimated for the 10 Hp 2-seater, after two rival bidders blew the roof off. The auction didn’t only break the record for highest price paid for a Rolls Royce, but also the record for highest price paid for any veteran (pre-1905) vehicle.

And it still runs! Though don’t expect to actually see it out on the road. Now THAT would be foolish… uhh, yeah.

Source: Luxist.com