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Winner of Batmobile auction can never drive car in public

If you got a vigilante jones and a whole lot of cash to blow, you might want to have your own crime fighting mobile built- instead of bidding on one. That’s what the buyer of Batman Forever‘s Batmobile recently found out. Not known for being the favorite installment of the film (or car), the mobile star of ‘Forever’ sold at auction for $297,000- roughly half its estimated value. But while this Batmobile is fully driveable and powered by a Chevy V8 small-block, the accompanying Warner Bros./DC Comics contract prohibits the owner from ever driving it in public.

Holy Hangups, Batman!

Source: Hemmings via Autoblog

  • Alpo Johnson

    dats stupid u pay all dat fuckin money fa dat car and u caint drive it

  • Mr.Wang

    Dat my friend is crazy nice.