NYPD Green

Department to test electric scooters

New Yorkers already know that the NYPD boasts a fleet of a few hundred gas-powered scooters – sourced from Piaggio and Yamaha. But as part of an interesting new trial that starts next month, the boys in blue will test out electric powered scooters by Vectrix. The Vectrix scooters are heavier than the standard two-wheelers, cost double, and only have a range of between 40 and 60 miles. However, the (Vectrixes, Vectrices?) do have their strongpoints – the bikes have a 60-MPH top speed, recharge in two hours at a wall outlet, and are the first and only fully electric vehicles certified to travel on any road in America, including highways.

Though the pilot program is only operating with four scooters, a successful run would be huge for the scooter manufacturer- and not just from a fleet perspective. With the rough weather and roads, if they can make it there, they’ll make it anywhere! Word to Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Source: Autoblog