Mini (Coupe)r

Rumors fly on even sportier compact

The Mini is a strangely intriguing set of wheels- but as popular as it is, not everyone can pull off the look. But what if the pint-sized powerhouse was a bit sleeker? The latest inside info from a “high level source” suggests that the next addition to the Cooper lineup could be a coupe. Specifically, as quoted by the source, “What if MINI instead produced a low-slung and sleek small coupe, not unlike the ACV 30 concept car from 1997?”

(ACV 30 Concept is pictured above)

With its elongated “Clubman” on the way and an SUV on the table, BMW’s Mini division is really making some moves. But let’s hope that the copue idea truly translates to sportier and sleeker- cause while the concept car ain’t bad, it does stir up memories of the Urkel-mobile.

Source: Motoring File via Autoblog