Hello Michael!

NBC Announces Knight Rider series, releases official KITT photo

We’ve been hearing the rumors for a while now- but NBC has officially announced the return of Knight Rider to network TV. The new show will debut as a two-hour movie on February 17th with a cast that includes Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Bruce Davison. Also official is the return of David Hasselhoff (less cheeseburger) as an elder Michael Knight. KITT, has been officially confirmed as a Ford GT500KR (as we had earlier reported). The voice of KITT will be provided by Will Arnett, formerly of TV show Arrested Development.

The show will apparently have three versions of KITT: a 540-hp standard version named KITT Hero, a super high-speed version that’s heavily modified for combat called KITT Attack, and a driverless version called KITT Remote. According to NBC, KITT in the modern era is a supercomputer capable of hacking anything that plugs into a wall, and thanks to progress made in the area of nanotechnology, its body can shift both its shape and color. Does that mean it can change that hideous wing? Ah well- we’re still excited.

Source: NBC via Autoblog