Ebay Find: Robocop 3 Taurus

Futuristic throwback yours for the purchase

It’s kinda hard to believe, but in the late 80’s/early 90’s, the Ford Taurus had a decent quasi-futuristic vibe going on. So much so, it was the ride of choice for Detroit’s own Robocop. Now thanks to Hemmings.com, a piece of silver screen law enforcement history can be yours. The flat-black (y’all thought that was something new?) cruiser is the only version to “survive” the stunts and filming of the 3rd Robocop installment. Special features include a prisoner cage, light bar, police style radio, and the original movie-prop license plate. To sweeten the deal, the buyer will receive the original movie-prop baton, laptop computer, assault rifles, handguns and grenades (non-working we assume hope.)

For the true basement dwelling wack-job diehard fan, a Robocop stunt suit is also available for just under $3,000. Halloween is only 10 months away!

Source: Hemmings