Scirocco No-Go

VW nixes latest sport coupe for US

Since its debut, Volkswagen’s IROC concept (AKA Scirocco rebirth) has caught the eye of old and new-school drivers alike. But the curvaceous coupe’s arrival to the auto show circuit brought speculation and debate- would they actually offer it in the US? Well it’s official- the answer is no. In a recent interview with Car and Driver magazine, VW of America boss Stefan Jacoby stated that with the GTI and R32 already headlining the market segment for the automaker, there’s no room for the Scirocco here in the states. Jacoby did say we could see is a return of the Phaeton, this time with a diesel engine… but if you really were feelin this little hot hatch, you best make friends with an importer.

Source: Car and Driver