Chrysler to split brands on vehicle type?

Since its takeover by Cerberus, Chrysler LLC’s future has been anybody’s guess. After recently announcing it would kill off a handful of models (including the Magnum), a new shift in brand definition may be on the horizon. Under this proposed move, the brakes would be pumped on the selling of dual Chrysler/Dodge models ( ala Sebring vs. Avenger, etc.) and the following image structure would be put into gear: Chrysler would sell passenger cars, Dodge would strictly be pickup and commercial trucks, and Jeep would become the SUV (and Jeep) brand. In addition to all of this, roughly 1,000 dealers nationwide would be shut down.

Chrysler Charger? Jeep Durango? Eh… we should know more by year’s end if this is really gonna happen.

Source: Detroit Free Press