N.O. Disaster Marketing

Harry Connick Jr. Lincoln ad stirs a storm of controversy

Even before Katrina, Southern crooner and New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr. has always been an outspoken voice for his city. But a new Lincoln ad, which has Harry playing tour guide of the NO in an all-new Lincoln MKX, has hit a sour note with many. Advertising Age, an online marketing news site has condemned the ad as a cheap, distasteful tug at the heartstrings, taking advantage of a still-struggling New Orleans. In the author’s words, “What they are doing is exploiting its victims to advertise luxury SUVs. It is vulgar. It is grotesque. It is disgusting.”

Hometown Hero or Corporate Sell-out? Have a look and let us know what y’all think!

Source: AdAge.com

  • Lock

    Its a fucking commercial. They didnt do anything wrong. And I saw the commercial on tv and saw him dancing being active, and participating with his hometown people. How in the SAM hell do you get anything negative from this commercial. Yes the N.O. is still rebuilding, but its a commercial. Dont think for one second that the N.O. isnt popping anymore because it is even with all the rebuilding. THAT’S THAT

  • Mr. Jones

    Maybe he owns a Lincoln. Maybe he doesnt own a Lincoln. If he had toured N.O. on a bicycle, it would have been the same thing. Harry Connick Jr. loves New Orleans. He wont shut up about New Orleans. Thats not selling out. Furthermore, let’s not ask questions about stars and Katrina, let’s ask questions about why the pesident of the U.S. didn’t do anything to help those people while we still pay taxes for Iraq.

  • Dave Augustus

    What?!? Please STOP trying to stir controversy about silliness. I agree with Mr. Jones–wrong questions about the wrong things…step up America and take your Government “leaders” to task.