Oldest Rolls Royce in existence seeks new owner.

Think Hova’s joint in the Blue Magic video is classic? Come on Jay- what you know about that crank-start?

Built in 1904, this piece of automotive nostalgia (only the 4th Double-R ever made) still runs, and is for sale. The car was originally owned by Kenneth Gillies of Tain in Scotland, then passed to Percy Binns of Harrogate (as a 21st birthday present). Binns kept the bucket for 30 years before selling to Oliver Langton in 1950. Langton is credited for restoring the car to its current condition, and is currently entertaining bids around 2 million pounds. Yall don’t really need a conversion, do ya? The dollar sucks right now anyway.

And just in case you been living in a cave, here’s that Blue Magic vid:

Source: Luxist.com