Nuevo Camino?

Are Pickup/"Ute" cars the next big trend?

Just like the fashion world, there ain’t no disputing that the auto industry is a trend-whore. And it looks like its next little trick is a revival of the “El Camino” style pickup car. With throwback styling being all the rage, the recent debut of cars like the Ford FPV Cobra (above) and the Holden HSV Maloo (below) don’t come as a huge surprise – but we’re wondering what y’all think. Take a good look at these “two yutes” and let us know… would you hit it?


Photo Source: Autoblog

  • im aussie,

    the new maloo own’s the ford anyday!!…


  • Ryan

    i would love em both. both beautiful cars. cant wait to test drive them

  • Tony

    Holden HSV Maloo takes the cake as far as the design. It just has that sexy appeal that I like. The ford isn’t a bad look either but I would rather go with the Maloo any day. I really want to know some performance specs

  • Rick

    I would like to see one of these with a Crew-Cab setup- Sort of like a Ford Sport-Track with Lowered Spindles & a slightly Dropped & Chopped-Top!! AND, they’ll call it the “Extra-Mino”!! Ha! Now that’s a cool name!!

  • Jay

    Dude spelled “yutes” wrong…
    If you are going to start advertising Aussie automobiles, get it right bud. It’s called a Ute.
    Illest style since the El Camino though. I most recently moved to the U.S. after living in Australia for 3 years. Once I got back, the closest thing to a Holden Commadore that I could find was the El Camino.

    The U.S. needs to pick up the trend A.S.A.P.