Democratic staffers to Homeland Security Committee: Don't catch it!

All stereotypes aside, NASCAR fans attending a live race might expect to be splashed with some Bud- or catch an ill farmer’s tan… but not hepatitis A & B, diphtheria, tetanus or influenza. But that’s exactly what Democratic staffers on the House Committee For Homeland Security recommended that researchers planning to attend NASCAR events in North Carolina and Alabama get vaccinated for.

Republican Rep. Tim Walberg, whose district includes the Michigan International Speedway, was outraged: “To suggest that vaccines are needed to attend NASCAR races is insulting to millions of hardworking Americans who love their country and the smell of burnt rubber,” he said.

The issue arose when the House Committee on Homeland Security decided to study public health preparedness at mass gatherings. Democrat members insist that the recommendations were not made to single out NASCAR fans, but to protect workers from other risky environments such as nursing homes. Republicans however ain’t buying it… any surprise? Remember, there’s an election coming!

Just get hopped up on Mountain Dew and you’ll be fine… Shake ‘N Bake!

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution