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Bentley Arnage to go Hybrid by 2010?

Armed with that new Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore’s heated movement seems to be really be taking the automotive world by storm. In a move surprising to some, Bentley has come around as well- announcing that its 2010 top of the line Arnage may come outfitted with a Hybrid drivetrain.

With plans to redesign the flagship by decade’s end, the Arnage’s (almost 50 year old) 6.75L V-8 will need drastic updating to meet new emissions requirements. All fingers seem to point to a pairing with the new hybrid powertrain being developed for the Audi Q7, VW Touareg, and Porsche Cayenne. Big-boss Franz-Josef Paefgen acknowledges Bentley will have to face up to new fuel economy requirements and will do what is necessary to meet them- but insists that the winged-B brand will still be built “Proper.” – Word to M.C. Hammer (the rumors ain’t true- he’s alive too!)

Source: Autoblog