Hit the road, Jeeves

Rolls Royce announces plans for hard-top Phantom Coupe

It may soon be time that we have to stop clowning people for driving their own Phantoms- assuming that they trade in their monstrous sedans for the latest offering from Double-R, the Phantom Coupe. Rolls has officially announced that in addition to the Drophead Coupe convertible, an enclosed two-door flavor will also soon be on the way. The coupe will no doubt look very similar to the 101EX concept car that RR previewed during the 2006 Geneva show. Power will be identical to the other Phantom models, with 450 horses and 531 lb-ft of torque coming from the car’s 6.75L V12. According to Rolls, the new coupe will be more driver-oriented, with a shorter body and suspension/power tuning that places a slight emphasis on sport compared to its siblings. So if you’re more of a driver than a passenger, go ahead and fire the Chauffer- it’s finally time to get your solo Roll-on without looking silly!

Source: Autoblog