Graziano Prognosis: Not Good

Nick Hogan's passenger and friend barely responsive

Things aren’t looking up for John Graziano. The 22-year-old friend of Nick Hogan remains in the hospital after the infamous crash in Clearwater, FL, which totalled Nick’s Supra. As reported by the St. Petersburg Times, registered nurse Joanne Jones says that Graziano responds to being pinched and has a gag reflex, but doesn’t respond to touch or sound.

“His pupils are fixed and don’t respond to light.” according to Jones. Graziano’s doctor says that his prognosis “remains guarded” and that John will “most likely spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home.” Graziano was also described as “comatose” and “on total life support.”

Jones had been hired by the Pinellas County court to determine John’s condition after his father, Edward, made motion to seek an independent guardian for his son. A hearing is set in St. Petersburg for this morning, but may be delayed at the request of Edward Graziano.

Source: St. Petersburg Times/